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UK free porn website ban starts on 15 July – here’s what the new law means The terms of the UK Government’s Digital Economy Act 2017 state that online commercial pornography services which can be accessed from the UK must use an age verification system.

Any porn site that fails to comply with the news rules will face a fine of up to £250,000, or a blanket block by UK internet service providers.

The BBFC will also be able to block porn websites if they fail to show that they are denying under-18s access to their sites.

Which makes Porn Free in the rest of the world and access from the UK expensive. We need to verify all UK IP addresses. You have 4 choices.

  1. Disguise yourself as being from another country. Every 13 year old knows how to circumvent GEO Blocking which makes this a daft implementation of a good idea. Parents should know what their kids are looking at on the net. Nuff said.
  2. Go to Ireland or another country
  3. Go get your adult entertainment somewhere else.
  4. Sign up as an age verified member, then we know that you have access to a credit card and are an adult. We for our part will do something good with the cash you spent.

Till the 15th of July UK visitors will be able to see site.