xbiznewsreport By Lila Gray

LONDON — British adult entertainment company Television X announced the Valentine’s release of its latest parody effort, “The Real Fifty Shades.”

More than 5.3 million copies of EL James’ trilogy sold in the U.K. alone, but the hardcore pastiche promises an alternative take on the novel’s BDSM themes and now-iconic couple, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

“The Real Fifty Shades” was directed by Liselle Bailey, a leading female porn director in the U.K. with a penchant for reality-based erotic fare.

The ex-English teacher made tabloids five years ago with the announcement that she was quitting the classroom to join the adult entertainment business. She has since gone on to direct a string of series for Television X, including “This Porn Life,” “Liselle’s Sordid Summer,” “Girlie Weekend” and “Freshers.”

Bailey’s vision for “The Real Fifty Shades” was to keep it fairly dark and gritty, or “put the ‘porn’ in ‘mummy porn’.” She says she wanted genuine chemistry informing the depicted power play to ensure her performers delivered with passion and enthusiasm.

“This is the first time in ages that I’ve got really turned on writing a script,” Bailey said. “There’s serious, sexual tension in this movie — very, sexy sex. Sometimes porn isn’t always that, so I think this will appeal to couples and women a bit more. But guys will like it too. It’s still very much a porno. Very full-on.”

The cast features BBC “Any Dream Will Do” star Craig Chalmers (aka Ryan Ryder) and Geordie industry newbie Sienna Day.